Job Placement

TCS offers initial assessment interviews and direct intake services to identify potential opportunities within the organization. Once placed in one of our work locations, TCS offers specialized and supportive supervision, individualized training and maximize teaching techniques to provide the learning style for each worker.


Our job coaches use structured intervention techniques and feedback to help the employees learn to perform job tasks and appropriate interpersonal and communication skills. The job coach may also assist with related job assessments, counseling, travel training and advocacy, to ensure successful employment outcomes.


TCS supports potential and current employees in identifying how they perform skills, work tolerance, interpersonal skills and physical capacity for different types of work. Our Career Development Services for existing employees include interest inventories, aptitude tests, work values, learning styles and task performance.

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TCS provides state of the art quality services and incredible, measurable benefits to many organizations. By working with The Corporate Source, you would have the opportunity to promote Corporate Social Responsibility, Diversity, & Inclusion efforts within your organization – and also make a tremendous impact on the lives of individuals with disabilities.