The Corporate Source is honored to be named a Finalist for the 2018 Long Island Imagine Awards!

Finalist for the 2018 Long Island Imagine Awards

A Second Chance In Garden City

By Nicole Rosenthal -November 15, 2017

The Corporate Source relocates from Manhattan

“Moving to Garden City offers more value and efficiency as compared to midtown Manhattan,” said The Corporate Source CEO Michael Kramer. “The TCS New York workforce is predominantly on Long Island.”After more than two decades based in midtown Manhattan, The Corporate Source (TCS), a longtime provider of employment services for individuals with disabilities, has relocated to Garden City. The organization, which originally reached out to the New York metropolitan area, has expanded to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

TCS presently employs more than 275 individuals with disabilities, approximately 150 of them on Long Island and in the New York metro region. Examples of Long Island contract sites include the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, Nassau and Suffolk County Courts, the Alfonse D’Amato Federal Courthouse and Office Building and the Internal Revenue Service. The types of employment opportunities that TCS provide range from facilities management and janitorial staff to mail room operations and office services.

The service provider additionally holds contracts with clients from the federal, state and private sectors.

“The organizational impact in the facilities where we operate has been significant,” said Kramer. “TCS provides the highest quality of services and provides a positive social impact that is experienced by all.

“The organization recruits individuals with disabilities matching them with the requirements of each contract, and has partnerships with many established Long Island nonprofit service providers and the office of ACCES-VR, the New York State vocational rehabilitation agency in Nassau and Suffolk.

“The business community on Long Island has been a welcoming partner to our mission and our workforce,” said TCS Vice President Margaret Brown.

In addition to direct career placement, the organization also offers training and vocational services such as job coaching, evaluation and career development.

“We have two clients: The customer and the individual with a disability,” continued Kramer. “TCS assures that each contract is provided the highest level of quality and service. Each one of our employees is fully trained and receives state-of-the-art equipment and the guidance required to perform the specifications of the job.”

“Our workforce has demonstrated that they consistently perform above the industry standard,” said Brown. “Our employees have had longterm stability, allowing them economic independence.”

TCS has received awards and recognitions, including “Works For Me” from the New York State Office of People With Developmental Disabilities and the New York State Industries for the Disabled (NYSID) “Agency of the Year” award.

As for the future of The Corporate Source, Kramer expressed that the organization only wishes to grow.

“We encourage inquiries from Long Island companies and business owners who have outsourcing or contract service needs and want to see their company having a positive social impact as well as receive the highest quality service available,” Kramer said.

Visit for more information on The Corporate Source. For career-related opportunities, call 516-419-5880.

Bay Shore man who has inspired other amputees honored for work

Robert Rodriguez, who lost his leg below the knee, says he’ll donate a portion of his $3,000 prize to a camp for children who have lost limbs.

By Rachel Uda @Rachel_Uda

Updated November 2, 2017 5:00 AM

Four years ago, Robert Rodriguez, a Bay Shore amputee, inspired a young girl to wear her prosthetic proudly. This week, the girl’s family helped return the favor.

On Tuesday, Rodriguez, 30, of Bay Shore, was given the National Disabilities Employment Awareness Month Champion award by The Corporate Source, a Garden City-based nonprofit that creates employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Rodriguez, whose right leg was amputated below the knee when he was 10 months old, was nominated for the distinction by his employers at East Coast Orthotic & Prosthetic Corp., which is owned by brothers Larry and Vincent Benenati.

Rodriguez first met the Benenatis by chance. He was trick or treating with his daughter when they ran into Vincent Benenati’s wife and daughter. Vincent Benenati’s daughter is also an amputee but had refused to wear a prosthetic until Rodriguez helped her see its advantages.

“She gravitated to him and he inspired my niece to start wearing a prosthetic,” Larry Benenati said. “He’s been that way with many of our patients.”

A few months ago, the Benenatis nominated Rodriguez for the NDEAM award, for which anyone currently working on Long Island with any type of disability can apply, according to The Corporate Source’s CEO, Michael Kramer.

Rodriguez was chosen out of a pool of 10 applicants. Kramer said he stood out to the panel of four judges for his enthusiasm and commitment to helping other amputees.

“We were looking for an individual who made not only a significant impact in their workplace, but also someone who conveys the contributions someone with a disability can bring to a business,” Kramer said. “Robert is really a shining example of that.”

Rodriguez wears many hats at the Deer Park-based prosthetics company. He’s involved in business development, marketing and patient advocacy, but also runs a support group for recent amputees and often drives patients to and from doctor’s appointments, according to East Coast Orthotic & Prosthetic co-owner, Larry Benenati.

“He’s a very caring person and he’s able to connect with our clients because he knows what they’re going through,” Benenati said. “I think he’s definitely deserving of this award.”

Rodriguez was honored at a ceremony Tuesday and given $3,000 by The Corporate Source and the Claire Friedlander Family Foundation in Huntington. He says he plans to donate some of the money to Camp No Limits, a nonprofit that stages therapeutic camps for children with limb loss.

“It’s a huge honor,” Rodriguez said. “I was really touched and feel re-energized and ready to go out and do more to help.”

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