Michael Kramer, CEO

There have been so many significant changes in our society over the decades. Perceptions and beliefs have been challenged, dreams and expectations have been realized. We have been to the moon and beyond, when that was once only thought to be a fantasy and now an accepted reality.  There is so much more ahead of us as the future unfolds. I believe, TCS plays an integral role altering biases and perceptions of people with disabilities. Through employment, TCS provides opportunities for individuals to demonstrate what they can do and what they can achieve.  Working together with government and the private sector, a workforce once never envisioned will become even more commonplace.

Kelly Quinn, CFO

Our mission to create employment opportunities for people with disabilities requires a well-run organization with solid system coordination and strong infrastructure. I’m especially proud of the work our financial team produces to allow for insight and analysis that enables TCS to take an informed and financially secure approach to expanding our core business.  This allows us to focus on healthy and sustainable growth of our most important measure of success – increasing jobs within the organization for people with disabilities.

Margaret Brown, COO

Progress is sometimes slow. At TCS we are doing our part to speed things up when it comes to creating employment opportunities for people with disabilities.   When we began our first contract in 1996, I remember feeling that we were providing opportunities at a time when there were not many. Over 20 years later, I continue to be inspired and motivated by the employees at The Corporate Source.  I believe TCS has the responsibility to help individuals with varying abilities achieve their rightful place in the workforce. It has been my experience that we can all learn from one another and I will be forever grateful for all that the employees of TCS have taught me. In the words of Robert Frost “The world is full of willing people, some willing to work, the rest willing to let them.

Joe Garcia, VP Caribbean

It is such a privilege to be part of a social revolution that has changed the lives of so many individuals with disabilities along with those of their families. Here at TCS, we have such a great responsibility to advocate and serve as a vehicle to continue to foster change and acceptance for these individuals in all aspects of society. It gives me a truly special feeling to be able to assist with facilitating job opportunities and support; to make these important and significant life experience successful for them. TCS is continually changing societal perceptions that people with disabilities can be and are a positive force and productive members of all communities and societies throughout the world. I truly believe that the world is a better place when we can celebrate and embrace diversity and the differences of other human beings.

Elizabeth Repoli, Assistant Director

Significant participation in the work force is one of the best equalizers of society.  High quality, long term employment provides much more than a paycheck.  It allows each of us the opportunity to participate and contribute more fully in society, to support oneself, to have better access to healthcare, to plan for retirement and to feel a sense of accomplishment with colleagues for getting a job done well.  Our mission to create employment opportunities for people with disabilities has given me numerous opportunities to experience firsthand the transformative impact that secure, meaningful employment has on individuals who have previously been underrepresented in the work force.