Hear what our customers and employees are saying about The Corporate Source

Joe Eckoff – Broadview Networks, Warehouse Supervisor

“The Corporate Source employees are the greatest – they are always on time, so conscientious and extremely reliable. In seven years our turnover rate for a position that typically has a very high rate has been zero.”

“After seven years of working with TCS in our warehouse, we are still seeing an increase in productivity.  This is not typical – employees usually peak in performance in this type of work after a few months of employment.  This team took a little longer to learn the tasks but the payoff has been significant for us as they keep increasing in productivity which has been steady and constant. “

“This workforce wants to do the maximum amount of work they can – every one of them, every single day. They are a focused, dedicated team that continues to outperform year after year.”

Scott Cronin, Branch Service Manager, Konica Minolta

“Konica Minolta has outsourced its messenger services to The Corporate Source for over 10 years.  We have been extremely satisfied with the level of service, responsiveness and support we have received.  The Corporate Source team that works at Konica Minolta not only performs the requirements of the job function, they enhance the work environment for our employees and clients every day.”

 Joaquin Quinoy, Branch Manager, Johnson Controls

“I hope other companies follow our example and partner with The Corporate Source. The Corporate Source staff are providing very high quality work and giving the company a chance to support our local community. Johnson Controls is all about diversity and inclusion, and that means everyone, especially individuals with disabilities.”

“This job gave me the chance to be more independent and to be a hard worker
and work for my own money.”

Victoria, Hauppage Employee

“Great job with great benefits and great friends.”

Thomas, Nassau County Employee

“T – teaching each other
  C – caring for one another
  S – sharing as family
That’s what teamwork means to me!”

Manuel, Nassau County Employee 

“The Corporate Source gave me my dream to become the person I am today
as a successful individual with a disability.”

Matthew, Suffolk County Employee

“This job gave me an opportunity to learn a skill and have pride in my work.”

Kenneth, Hauppage Employee

“I really feel good about my job, I like cleaning the loading dock, making the
place look better. I like organizing the chairs and tables, straightening them out.  I like cleaning the glass doors, where I can see our customers and say hello.  I smile and act friendly and I like to act professional.”

Eric, Nassau County Employee

“This job keeps me motivated, the strength, the drive to keep going, and never
give up.”

Daniel, Hauppage Employee

“Working for The Corporate Source is not just a job but a chance to grow” 
Edinson, Nassau County Employee

Edison, Nassau County Employee

“Corporate Source, the only source”

Noel, Nassau County Supervisor