Established in 1996, The Corporate Source provides people with intellectual and other disabilities with well-paying, secure jobs from New York City and Long Island to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.


The Corporate Source has provided outsourcing services since 1996. We are a valued partner to business and government with a national reputation for excellence. With The Corporate Source, you receive the services you need for operational excellence, while helping to create economic opportunity for all. The Corporate Source works with private sector businesses and government agencies to fill job openings and meet outsourcing needs with talented and qualified candidates.

Business Solutions

TCS provides a variety of commercial business solutions to support your organizational needs including general building services, office services, warehouse services, commercial office cleaning, complete floor and carpet care, and landscaping services at commercial and private properties. No job is too big or too small.

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Job Placement

TCS offers initial assessment interviews and direct intake services to identify potential opportunities within the organization. Once placed in one of our work locations, TCS offers specialized and supportive supervision, individualized training and appropriate teaching techniques to identify optimal learning style for each worker.

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Job Coaching

Our job coaches use structured intervention techniques and feedback to help the employees learn to perform job tasks and appropriate interpersonal and communication skills. The job coach may also assist with related job assessments, counseling, travel training and advocacy, to ensure successful employment outcomes.

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Vocational Assessments

TCS supports potential and current employees in identifying how they perform skills, work tolerance, interpersonal skills and physical capacity for different types of work. Our Career Development Services for existing employees include interest inventories, aptitude tests, work values, learning styles and task performance.

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Business Solutions

The Corporate Source works with governement agencies and private sector companies to fill job openings and help meet outsourcing needs by providing talented and qualified candidates

Socially Responsible Outsourcing

TCS is pleased to partner with both business and government to provide valuable, cost efficient excellent service while also having a positive social impact. TCS has the services our customers need and allows them to help create and support employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Facilities Management

The Corporate Source is a leading not-for-profit provider of facilities maintenance services throughout New York, Long Island, Puerto Rico and U S Virgin Islands with over two decades of experience . Janitorial, landscaping, specialty floor care, and post-construction clean-up are some of the services we provide to both commercial and government customers.

Office Services

The Corporate Source is a proven leader in all aspects of back office support – providing superior office services to both government and commercial customers. Services include mail room operations, telephone answering services, filing, copying, scanning, and much more.

Custodial services Long Island

A Nonprofit founded to Create

opportunities for people with disabilities

Office Services

Providing a range of office services including reception, mailroom operations, and more.


Including green cleaning, specialty cleaning, porter services, floor care services and more

Messenger Services

Complete order picking, packing, fulfillment, and delivery services

Facilities Management

Across public and private facilities including schools, courthouses, government buildings and more


Including stockroom, assembly and packaging, custodial services, and order fulfillment


A range of services to keep your business or private property looking professional and inviting.


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